Notebook on the table.

An Unarmed America

It is said that to know the future one must study the past. In the past leaders of countries that wanted absolute power over the people they governed needed several things to make it a reality. The first thing they needed to do was to control information, especially information about them. The second thing they needed was to control the finances of the people. The third thing they needed was a force dedicated to ensuring the laws of the leaders, and the fourth thing they needed was a subjective people who had no means to resist or endanger their control of the country.

Step one, control the media. They in turn will demonize those who oppose the leaders. This is done to sway public opinion in order to allow the leaders to say that “the people want this and as their leader I must follow their wishes.”

Step two, Control the finances. This allows the leaders to control who gets what and if you do not agree with their way of thinking they in turn will not only deny you an equal share of the wealth but will impose economic hardships on you till you capitulate.

Step three, Enforcement. This allows the leaders to force the people into compliance. The fear of official oppression by the local representatives of the leaders is a powerful force that very few can successfully avoid.

Step four, Disarmament. To ensure that they remain in power the leaders must ultimately disarm the people so that they can not resist and those that do are subject to the conditions of step three in its full force.

A present day example of Step One; Guns are evil and kill children every day. This is the current theme of the mainstream media being disseminated to the public and the official stance of many government leaders including the White House.

A present day example of Step Two; Do what we want or we will impose economic sanctions on you. This is the current stance of the federal and many state and local governments that have filed frivolous lawsuits on the gun manufactures.

A present day example of Step Three; At the present time the White House has successfully purged almost all but the yes men in the officer ranks of the Military and federal law enforcement agencies. This in turn has lead to the killing and oppression of American Citizens by American Military and Federal Law Enforcement Agents throughout the nation.

A present day example of Step four; This one started of innocently enough, voluntary turn-in of firearms, gun buyback programs, can’t sell or buy these type of guns. Then it turned into tell us if your neighbor has a gun and we will pay you, tell us if your neighbor has a gun and we won’t throw you in jail, if you own a gun you are considered a criminal and will be treated as such. Have you seen the billboard that says “To report an illegal gun call ….”. There’s one on I-35 in Austin, Texas.

I was unaware that guns were illegal in this country, they are after all just a tool. How do I report an illegal car?

Our government of the people for the people and by the people has eroded to the point where we the people are subjected to governmental regulations that are starting to infringe on our natural rights. Having studied the past I can only believe that our future is in jeopardy. I do believe that we can still change this course by working together and letting our elected leaders know that we will not compromise our natural rights away for a zero tolerance policy enacted by someone we did not vote for.

by Dan West, Concealed Handgun, V.4 n.