Texas Legislature

88th Texas Legislature

In accordance with Texas law, the pre-filing period for bills commenced on Monday, November 14, 2022. The 88th Legislature convenes for a duration of 140 days, starting from Tuesday, January 10, 2023, and concluding on Monday, May 29, 2023. Regular bill filings were accepted until Friday, March 10, 2023.

Following the legislative process, Governor Abbott holds the authority to review bills passed by the State Legislature. He has a period of 10 days after a bill is passed, extending to Sunday, June 20 for bills passed within the last 10 days of the session. During this time, he may choose to sign a bill into law, allow it to pass into law without his signature, or veto it.

Bills that do not have immediate effect will be enacted on Wednesday, September 1, 2023.

For further insights into the legislative procedure and the pathway a bill takes to become law, please visit Texas Legislature Online.

Legislature featured.

Passed the House, sent to the Senate

  • HB 165: Addresses the prosecution and punishment for aggravated assault within the context of a mass shooting, including an increase in criminal penalties.
  • HB 544: Concerns the reporting of specific orders and convictions to relevant authorities for firearm background checks.
  • HB 636: Addresses the applicability of concealed handgun carrying prohibitions to election judges at polling places.
  • HB 1229: Focuses on the collection and confidentiality of firearm and ammunition information in agency foster homes, with the establishment of civil penalties.
  • HB 1617: Relates to notice requirements for defendants involved in unlawful firearm or ammunition possession or acquisition.
  • HB 2291: Pertains to the carrying or possession of handguns by retired judges and justices.
  • HB 2454: Deals with the unlawful acquisition of certain weapons, establishing a new criminal offense.
  • HB 2715: Prohibits the following, tracking, or monitoring of individuals and their property or vehicles, with associated criminal prosecution.
  • HB 2837: Prohibits certain entities from surveilling or reporting firearm, ammunition, and accessory purchases, with the imposition of civil penalties.
  • HB 2976: Addresses an elective firearms safety course for public high school students and designates August as Firearm Safety Awareness Month.
  • HB 3137: Focuses on prohibiting local regulations related to firearms or air guns.
  • HB 3443: Addresses the addition of a handgun carry license designation on driver’s licenses.
  • HB 3539: Deals with the establishment and operation of an ammunition facility by the Department of Public Safety.
  • HB 3545: Relates to civil liability arising from firearm hold agreements.
  • HB 4639: Pertains to unlawfully carrying handguns in motor vehicles or watercraft.
  • HB 4827: Addresses the prosecution of possessing or carrying weapons in prohibited places associated with schools or educational institutions.
  • HB 4843: Increases the criminal penalty for unlawful possession of a firearm by individuals convicted of a felony.

Bills Passed by the Senate, Sent to the House

  • SB 728: Addresses the reporting of mental health and intellectual disability information for federal firearm background checks regarding certain children.
  • SB 1166: Pertains to the punishment for burglary of a vehicle involving firearm theft, with an increase in criminal penalties.
  • SB 1216: Relates to the issuance of handgun carry licenses to certain active and retired judicial officers.
  • SB 1236: Addresses the use of certain weapons on the bed or bank of navigable rivers or streams, with associated penalties.
  • SB 1475: Concerns licensure and training requirements for school marshals.
  • SB 2407: Relates to licensure and training requirements for school marshals.

Bills Passed by the Legislature, Sent to the Governor

  • HB 1760: Addresses the prosecution of possessing a weapon in prohibited places associated with schools or postsecondary educational institutions.
  • SB 1852: Concerns active shooter training for peace officers.