Texas LTC Information

Welcome to the Texas License to Carry (LTC) information page. Here, you’ll find essential details about obtaining and maintaining your LTC, as well as understanding the responsibilities that come with carrying a handgun in Texas.

Understanding LTC Eligibility

To qualify for a Texas LTC, individuals must meet specific criteria:

  • Be at least 18 years old .
  • Have no felony convictions.
  • Have not been convicted of certain misdemeanors within the past five years.
  • Be current on child support payments.
  • Not be chemically dependent.
  • Be eligible to purchase a handgun under federal and state law.
  • Have not been diagnosed with certain psychiatric conditions.

The LTC Application Process

The application process involves several steps:

  1. Training: Completion of a Texas DPS-approved LTC course.
  2. Application: Submission of the required forms and documents.
  3. Fingerprints: Fingerprinting and background check.
  4. Fee Payment: Payment of applicable fees.

Understanding LTC Renewals

LTCs are valid for five years from the date of issuance. Renewal requires:

  • Completion of a four-hour LTC renewal course.
  • Submission of the renewal application and fee.

LTC Reciprocity

Texas has reciprocity agreements with several states, allowing individuals with a Texas LTC to carry in those states. However, it’s crucial to understand the specific reciprocity agreements and comply with the laws of each state when carrying.

Understanding LTC Responsibilities

Carrying a handgun is a significant responsibility. LTC holders must:

  • Carry their LTC and a valid form of identification at all times when carrying.
  • Be knowledgeable about Texas firearm laws and regulations.
  • Exercise good judgment and discretion when carrying in public places.
  • Maintain proficiency and safety in handling firearms.

Resources for LTC Holders

Texas DPS provides various resources for LTC holders, including:

  • Access to the Texas DPS website for forms, FAQs, and updates.
  • Information about changes in laws and regulations affecting LTC holders.
  • Renewal reminders and updates on LTC status.


Obtaining and maintaining a Texas LTC is a significant responsibility that requires understanding and compliance with Texas firearm laws. By familiarizing yourself with the eligibility criteria, application process, and responsibilities of LTC holders, you can ensure safe and lawful carrying practices. For more information and resources, visit the Texas DPS website.